10 July 2024

Mo Dhachaidh Care Home to be turned into Accessible Homes for Social Care Needs.

Staff accommodation at what was, the Mo Dhachaidh Care Home in Ullapool, is to be turned into accessible homes for those in need of social care.  Albyn Housing Society, who now own the property, have said that the new homes will be fitted with sensors that share real-time information with family members, caregivers or key workers with permission but that they “still offer a high degree of privacy” to occupants, unlike cameras.

MSP for Ullapool, Maree Todd, added: “As someone who lives in the Ullapool area, I know how important it is for local people to have the option to grow old in their own community.

Albyn Housing Society has done some incredible work in pioneering these Fit Homes in rural locations across the Highlands and I am looking forward to seeing the benefits they can bring to Ullapool.”